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Sri Lanka
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A wild and untamed Sri Lanka filled with natural wonders
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Relax with the ultimate rejuvenation of Ceylon Traditional Ayurveda
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Golden beaches washed with aquamarines waves and eternal sunshine
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Sri Lanka - The Pearl of the Orient

It is for good reason that Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Orient. The island is a wealth of natural beauty and cultural riches for you to explore. From exotic wildlife to breathtaking beaches, mystical temples,crumbling colonial history, tantalising food,rolling surf, elephants,fun train rides, Best Tea in the World and endless smiles! Sri Lanka is Asia’s best kept secret but it won’t remain secret for long, so don’t delay your visit any longer.

As a tour operator SkyHaven Tours has a wealth of knowledge and experience specialising in Cultural Tours, Wildlife Safaris and Adventurous Excursions. Over the years we have gained an excellent reputation from the hundreds of travellers who have booked with us and we are proud to say that this has developed organically through word of mouth and from ultimate customer satisfaction to establish our excellent reputation.

This reputation exists because of the passion which lies at the heart of the company. A passion to show travellers this wonderful island, a passion to ensure that they get to the heart of the place, a passion to ensure that they have the best possible experience and fall in love with Sri Lanka too. It is a testament to our friendly and experienced tour guides that they remain friends with many of the people they have shown the island too, either offering further travel advice, suggesting new destinations or casually catching up for a chat. A SkyHaven Tours indeed.Whether which to Escape on an Adventure, Explore the Rich Culture or Enjoy the Wilds and Natural Wonder of Sri Lanka, SkyHaven  is the only tour operator to chose. #EscapeExploreEnjoy

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Sri Lanka is such a diverse and contrasting island that it literally has something for everyone.



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    "This was an amazing tour, they made it so easy to see everything I wanted to with flexible travel options. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone! Can’t wait to go back." Jennifer
    "Trip to Sri Lanka turned out to be a grand adventure. We had an excellent time working with SkyHaven Tours for this vacation From start to finish they really listened to what we were looking for and created a wonderful trip for us Overall, we were very satisfied with our trip and with this tour company. Highly Recommend." Jaroslav
    We had a wonderful time in Sri Lanka and can highly recommend this tour Company. Special thanks goes to our amazing Tour guide Lahiru who made this trip unforgettable! Megan lynch